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Is Digitalization Changing from People Go To Office?

Since the breakout of the industrial revolution in the 18th century, attending an official workplace on a daily basis have become deeply integrated into the fibers of society. The transition from an agrarian society to one driven by machines have changed the way we do work. Since the industrial revolution, we have gone on to develop more powerful machines that are facilitating work in gigantic dimensions.

Is Digitalization Changing from People Go To Office

However, towards the end of the 20th century, another revolution broke out. Although that revolution thrived on the existing framework of the industrial revolution, it had an impact that far exceeded that of the industrial revolution. That revolution ushered in an age that has come to be Known as the information age. The effects of the information age cut across every fiber of society. One aspect of society that the information age has greatly redefined and is still redefining is the area of work. Digitalization has changed how we perceive work and our approach to conventional office routines.

As digitalization continues to erode national boundaries, and eliminate the limitations of distance, there has been a shift from conventional office work to home based jobs. Although technology has fueled this shift, the reduced staffing and rent costs that accompanied the traditional setup has been the biggest incentive for employers. Today, employers can achieve greater results with fewer resources. Digitalization has also facilitated the rise of new industries and the erosion or near extinction of some traditional industries. But the people that suffered most from the effects of digitalization are those that have remained attached to the traditional settings of the industrial age.

Although traditional jobs have had the worst hit, there’s also this general feeling that it’s harder to get jobs nowadays than it was, say a generation before. But are jobs getting lost are have they simply taken up new descriptions that the general populace is yet to come to terms with?

There seems to be an explosion in outsourced jobs, as the number of virtual corporations continues to rise and the competition amongst firms continue to grow fierce. The resultant effect has been the decline of traditional job opportunities. However, the average worker still holds office jobs in high regard. Why is this so?

Why do people still go to the office daily instead of finding opportunity working from home?

Why do people still go to the office daily instead of finding opportunity working from home

  1. The Traditional Mindset About Office Work: Although the information age has deeply transformed society and eroded many of the legacies of the industrial age, one legacy that continues to live on is the idea of office work as the most honorable form of work. This conventional thinking with centuries-old roots means people continue to value traditional office work over home-based opportunities. Also, people that are used to a consistent and steady paycheck find it hard to give up their security for the freedom that comes with micro jobs.
  2. Discrimination of home based jobs and micro businesses: Just like with any tradition, those that move away from convention are bound to be discriminated. There also seem to a prevalent mindset that home-based opportunities and micro jobs are suited for particular demographics. The two most common groups singled out seem to stay at home mums and college students.
  3. Previous Negative Experiences: Although there’s an avalanche of jobs available online, finding the ones that are most suitable for you might be really challenging. Another challenge is in building a reputation. Most people that have been unsuccessful with micro jobs are those that have not been patient enough to find suitable jobs as well as build reputation.

How can a working professional change his/her life without going to the office?

How Can a Working Professional Change His/Her Life Without Going to the Office

Perhaps the steady pursuit of most professionals is the consistent climb up the corporate ladder. Their activities, goals, and ambitions seem to be guided by this pursuit. However, there’s another ladder to climb, perhaps a more lucrative ladder.

A great number of professionals are harnessing the tools of digitalization to build their careers and further develop their skills. One of such tools is professional networking sites and mentoring network like micro tutors. These sites enable professional connect, share ideas, and even find jobs. There are even sites that allow professionals work from home. There seems to be an increasing number of professionals are turning to these sites.

By now you might be wondering how you can achieve this in today’s contemporary settings. One good reference is nextgoo micro tutor marketplace Nextgoo which offers the platform for us to teach online and teach anything. Some of us are aware of the training like fitness training, IT training, training from gurus, yoga training, online music training.

How can you achieve career success in modern society without going to the office?

How You Can Achieve Career Success In Modern Society Without Going To The Office.

  1. Seek additional training on the latest methods: One of the best ways to harness the opportunities that abound in micro jobs is to seek additional training. The most affordable and flexible means of seeking personal development today is via online training. Online Tutors use the most advanced tools and also provide personal service. This trend of micro tutoring online has made people who couldn’t afford the services of a live personal trainer build skills that meet global standards. An online personal trainer equips you with the skills that can make you competitive in the global workplace. Surprisingly, some of these services come at little or no cost, for example, the University of the People is the world’s first tuition-free university offering courses in fields like business administration and computer science.
  2. Get active on freelance and micro job sites: Freelance and Micro jobs sites are the best places to find work-at-home opportunities. Sites like Fiverr and Freelancer have built a platform that allows millions of people find stay-at-home jobs. You can also find a micro tutor on these sites nextgoo.

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